6 Social Media Tips For Your Business

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Social media is an ever changing market, and will continue to be. Updates and upgrades aside, we have put together a list of 6 social media tips that will help improve your businesses social media platform, no matter the ever-changing market.

Your biggest missed opportunity- social media monitoring 

The beauty of social media is that you have the freedom to say what you like, this can be both an advantage and a down fall for business. Therefore, don’t miss an opportunity to engage with your customers- whether its good or bad. Keep up with the traffic on your page, this gives you a public opportunity to make a connection with a happy customer, or work out any bad experiences customers may have had.

The 80/20 Rule

People are on social media to read interesting content and keep up with their friends and loved ones. Yes, you are in business to sell a product, but that is what your website is for. The purpose of your social media platform is to build brand awareness by creating interesting content for your followers. Use the 80/20 rule, 80% of the time posting interesting content (this could include articles, photos and videos), and the other 20% of the time post about new product offerings and sales your company might be having.  This will keep your followers interested in your feed and leave them coming back time and time again.

Get social media inspiration from industry leaders

 Just like your customers, your competitors are also on social media. Don’t let this be intimidating for you- this means there is already an abundance of information available for you to integrate onto your social media platforms. Follow other industry leaders and join online groups within your line of work.  Look to your competitors and industry leaders for inspiration, content and information that gets social media engagement.

Allow your social media platforms help increase your web traffic

By posting content such as blog posts and new product offerings on your social media platforms, you are creating an easy avenue directing information straight back to your website. This is a great way to help reach your website traffic goals.

Target your audience better with the use of social media statistics

With free tools like Facebook Insight, it is easier than ever to break down your customer demographic profile. This knowledge can help you focus product offerings and marketing campaigns based on your target audience, which will offer a higher return on investment. The best part- it’s free.

Increase your reach using social media advertising

Using social media ads is something every business should take advantage of.  Boosting a post or using advertising space is an inexpensive way to reach an audience you wouldn’t have other wise. The most important part of this is doing your research first. Through Facebook Insight, do your research as to what posts your customers are most interested in, set a budget (this could be as little as $20-40 a month) and watch your social media presence increase.

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