Investing In A Reliable Printer Is Important, Here’s Why…


#1 Value

When it comes to printing, you usually get what you pay for. If you want high quality printing, you should consider the over-all value you receive instead of the lowest price. While a valuable aspiration- it is virtually impossible for a company to offer the lowest price, highest quality and best service all at the same time.

Quality + Service + Price = Value

Here is a chart to go by, pick two!


# 2 All Service Under One Roof

Working with a reliable printer offers the convenience of having all your services under one roof. From graphic design, consultative service, and marketing support, it is a one stop shop for all your printing and marketing needs.



Think of your print as your company’s billboard. Most of the time it is the first thing people see of your business, therefore the first judgment people are making about your product. Simply put – quality over quantity.


#4 Facts Don’t Lie

56% of businesses think printed marketing is the most trustworthy communication channel. (10 Signs You Should Invest In Reliable Printing Company, 2015)


#5 Quality Assurance

A reputable print shop will take care of you. If they make mistakes on your printing, they will redo your job free of charge. When you work with a printing company that believes quality over quantity, they will make good on their word. Invest in a company who has high quality assurance ratings, and who will spend time problem solving and checking their work before they send it out the door.


#6 Experience

Contrary to what many people think, print is more than running paper through a machine. It takes someone with years of experience to operate a press, adjust ink, water, plates and paper before they move forward with a project. Print is an art, it takes time and craftsmanship to produce quality printing- understand the importance of investing in experience.


We are confident that AlphaGraphics excels in the areas described above. However, the best way to try out a printer is to try them out yourself!